UNESCO European Athletics Young Leaders Community

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Participants at the European Athletics-UNESCO Young Leaders Forum in Barcelona

Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for a chance to help yourself and athletics by volunteering?

Many of our partners offer opportunities for young volunteers. Browse our database to see what is available.

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If you know an athletics event or organisation that might need volunteers be sure to invite them to become a partner.

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One of the main aims of the European Athletics Young Leaders Community is to encourage community members to volunteer for events (championships, meetings, road races, etc.) or organisations (clubs, schools, etc) working with athletics.

Volunteering is obviously good for the partner organisation and the local community. But just as important, it can be fun and bring many benefits to you. These include:

  • A valuable accomplishment and experience to put on your Curriculum Vitae
  • Leadership and team working skills
  • Other work-related skills such as planning, budgeting, coordinating, reporting, etc.
  • Sport, business and civil society contacts
  • New or deeper friendships
  • Recognition within your local community and the European Athletics Young Leaders Community
  • A strong sense of accomplishment

For the purpose of the European Athletes Young Leaders Community volunteering is defined as working on behalf of the sport without payment for time or services.

If you are a volunteer, we want to know about it and recognise the valuable contribution you make to the sport.

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To collect the hours that will lead to a recognition certificate you will be asked to tell us which of our partners you are working with, what you do for them, and the number of hours you have worked.

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It will be possible to record work for non-partners by providing certain required information but we encourage you to invite your event or organisation to become a partner.

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