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A New Year, A New YAG (Youth Advisory Group)

February 5, 2015

January saw a change in the Athletics Youth Advisory Group (YAG) within Great Britain. We had selections for new members and the first meeting itself. The first meeting of the year for the YAGs and YAGlets (newbies) was held in Birmingham on the 31st of Jan/1st of Feb weekend.

One major change was that our links to other National Governing Bodies, such as England Athletics, are stronger than ever before, giving us greater scope to work up grassroots projects and implement them.


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IAAF Kids Athletics in Torun, Poland

January 23, 2015

Kids Athletics is the world's unique project in the field of sport for all. Since 2005, more than 1.5 million children in more than 160 countries worldwide have participated. The program allows each child to participate in athletics games in any environment. Classes are held through a series of athletic events. Exercises are conducted in the form of a game. Kids Athletics is designed to introduce children to the world of athletics, and not learning often complex techniques.

Organizational advantages of the project are: a large number of children are active at the same time, competition takes place in mixed teams by gender (5 girls and 5 boys), children experiencing multiple and variable forms of movement - all participate in all conviviality, all team members contribute to the result of team, required motor skills are tailored to age and improve coordination capacity, structure of events, rules, regulations and scoring system are easy to understand the, organization of competitions requires the presence of a small number of judges and assistants. "Athletics sport for all" is an innovative program introduced in Poland, which was created by professionals, managers, trainers every day working in athletics.


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Pictures by Katarzyna Wita Pictures by Katarzyna Wita

Make Athletics Happen

January 16, 2015

The first out of three weekends has been held, and a group of young dedicated people has been part of a good start for the new education called “Make Athletics Happen”.


The education is a project leader course for 15-25-year-olds in Danish athletics but three Danish rowers take part too.



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Mikkel Hansen, Danish young leader