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February 11, 2016
MOST active YLC member 2015, Jacob Hood

Jacob Hood is a multi-sports coach, team manager and athletics enthusiast studying sport coaching at the University of East London. He has been involved in the sport for seven years as a club athlete and four within both voluntary and paid coaching roles.

During 2015, he dedicated 1,261 hours to volunteer and develop the sport of athletics, becoming the most active volunteer at the European Athletics Young Leaders Community.

He became involved in the British Athletics Youth Advisory Group (now AYAG) in February 2014, becoming Chairperson of the group in November 2014. His involvement has ranged from volunteering at major events (Anniversary Games, Birmingham Grand Prix and British Trials), and in September alongside Lijana Kaziow and others, facilitated the creation of the new AYAG website and promotional video. At the beginning of 2016 the new AYAG members were selected, leaving the group in a strong position covering near all areas in England, while also having representatives within Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


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STORY #4: 2015 challenging Italian young leaders

Monday 08 February 2016

2015 has been the toughest (in the good sense) year for me and our community in Atleti per Caso. Fist of all we changed name in TrackArena and became international! ...

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